The BEST Lightroom Export Settings for Instagram Photography

이 비디오에서는, 우리는 인스 타 그램을위한 라이트 룸에서 사진을 내보내는 방법에 대해 이야기 할 것입니다 이전에이 채널되지 않은 경우, 내 이름은 데이비드 Sornberger입니다

나는 여행 해요 가로 사진 작가 그리고 매주마다 나는 방법이 최대에 비디오 및 자습서를 게시하여 사진에서 게임 많이 물어 얻을 나는 일반적인 질문은 당신이 사진을 내보내는 어떻게입니다 Lightroom for Instagram and keep the colours nice and rich and deep and also keep the photos nice and sharp and crispy So, that's what we're going to do today I'm going to explain to you every step that I take and explain each of the settings as I go along

I'm going to cover the Instagram crop ratio as well as talk a little bit about the algorithm that Instagram uses to compress the images If you become a little bit frustrated with how to export photos for Instagram, then this is the video for you That is exactly what we're going to cover today If this is a video that you find helpful, please hit the thumbs up and also if you'd like to please hit the subscribe button for more tutorials every week and also hit the bell button because, you know, sometimes YouTube just decides, you know I'm not going to alert you when David uploads a video So, if you want to make sure that you stay in the loop on what's being released every week hit the subscribe button like I said and also the bell

So, let's get started Okay, so here we are in Lightroom and I'm going to load the photo that was taken in Iceland That was a beautiful day and a beautiful waterfall and a great photo to use for the purpose of today's video The first thing we're going to do is go into Develop and we need to crop this, although I really like the photo the way it appears right now That is not the aspect ratio that Instagram uses

It uses 4 to 5 or 5 to 4 depending on whether it's landscape or portrait so you can either hit the R key or you can go up here and just use your mouse and click the Crop Overlay and it'll give you a grid like that Go down to Aspect and right beside there, selected the 4 X 5 and you'll see what it's done It's automatically created that for you You just want to adjust this image for whatever looks best for you to go on Instagram It's a real shame because I do not really like so much like this but, you know what, that's just what it is with Instagram so I'm just going to click that again and it's adjusted it to the 4 to 5 aspect ratio

Okay, so now that we've made the crop adjustment we're now going to go into the export settings and so what we'll do is we'll either hit SHIFT APPLE E or you can go up to File and go down to Export, whichever you prefer It will bring up this dialogue right here So, just some of the basic things that you're probably used to You can export to, and just for the purpose of keeping things simple, I'm going to choose Desktop and not change anything else The most important area that you want to go to is the file settings menu

Just scroll down the screen a little bit more I will quickly go through each one of these For Instagram, you want to choose JPEG You don't need to get fancy and choose Photoshop or TIFF files or anything like that This is just for the screen so JPEG is exactly what you want

I keep the quality cranked all the way up to 100 Instagram, some people might now know, actually limits the file size to 1600K so I always click the Limit File Size to that so that it won't change the file size and therefore keep the quality as crisp as possible The colour space that you want, because it's going to be on a screen, is sRGB I wouldn't change it to anything else Some cameras might automatically come up with ProPhoto RGB

That is exactly what you want if you're printing but that is exactly what you don't want if you're putting it on Instagram so sRGB Continue scrolling down and you do want to click on this This is super important Click on Resize to Fit On the long edge the maximum length on the long edge of the photo is 1080 pixels so keep it there

You don't want to enlarge it If you do, you could risk having the image look a little bit pixelated Keep the resolution at 240 To be honest, it doesn't really matter what you do with it here That setting is more for if you are doing printing on a printer

Output sharpening – I just by default always say yes to that Just click it and it's for the screen It's not for paper and that will optimize what the image looks like on your computer monitor or on your smart device The metadata, you can do whatever you want with that I personally just keep these two checkboxes marked there

And then all I would do next is click on export It just takes a moment and it is now on my screen Okay, so here we are back in Lightroom and there's the image that we just exported You might think that it seems a little bit complicated at the beginning when we're making all of those setting changes and adjustments but if you think about it though it's really not that complicated What could get frustrating though is if you are exporting a lot of photos every day or every couple of days for Instagram and, let's say, you just forget to set one of the settings that I'm describing here

It can be pretty frustrating because then it's not going to be set up properly for Instagram So, what I would advise is when you go into the export dialogue box, you'll see here on the left User Presets They're really easy to create and I've done the two that I use the most often The first one is landscape I've just called it Instagram – Landscape and then the portrait is called Instagram – Portrait

The only difference between these two, actually everything is exactly the same The only difference between these two is landscape is 1080 pixels on the long edge but portrait, which actually is one that I prefer because it gives you the most real estate on somebody's mobile device It's actually 1200 pixels long on the long edge for portrait Everything else is exactly the same Hey, I noticed that a lot of you are not following me on Instagram

So, if you didn't know that I have an Instagram account or you just didn't know where to find me, it's @davidsornberger and I post pretty well every day, photos from around the world and places where I've travelled and you'll see my feed being populated a lot with Paris photos here, also some from Iceland from last summer and Paris is an area where I do a lot of shoots and actually coming up in the middle of March I'm heading back to Paris and creating some tutorials there as well So, if that sounds like something you're into, head on over to Instagram @DavidSornberger and hit the follow button So, there you go Those are all of my favourite export settings from Lightroom for Instagram All of your Instagram photos are going to be super crisp, super clear now and people are going to be heading over to your profile and hopefully doing a lot of double tapping

Anyways, I hope this video helped you out If it did, please give me a thumbs up if you haven't already done so, please hit the subscribe button And hey, if you have a photo you're struggling to edit or kind of optimize it for Instagram, please DM me or send it to my email address You can find my email or my contact information on DavidSornbergercom

I would love to do a quick edit or even just simply optimizer it for Instagram, correct the aspect ratio, crop it, maybe do a little bit of retouching If that's something that you're interested in me doing, I would be happy to do that and maybe even do a live edit of it here on the channel So, anyway, I will see you in the next video